“We Are All Connected” Resources


WE ARE ALL CONNECTED RESOURCES are online resources that will inspire students, teachers, school administrators, parents, and community leaders who care about strengthening the safety, engagement, and environment of schools.

Here are the details:

“The WE ARE ALL CONNECTED Initative provides resources online, designed to inspire an increased awareness of the vitality of interdependent human relationships in homes and schools. Practical and inspirational resources serve 1) Students, 2) Teachers and Administrators, and 3) Parents and Families, aiming at elevating awareness of how much all lives mean to one another.

WE ARE ALL CONNECTED media will  provide tools that equip students, teachers, and parents, to flourish together in school communities. Designed to enhance the safety, engagement, and environments of schools, these resources are provided in ways that connect directly to the felt needs of students, parents, and educators.

Watch the site for these added school resources over the next period of time.