Home Services

We offer behavior support in homes.

Elite specializes in providing behavioral services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, treating problematic behavior, and trainings for families and direct care service providers. Our staff of behavior analysts possess a wide scope of experience and credentials. In in-home environments, Elite is ready to help.

On-Site services include:

    • Treatments for behaviors related to Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury and other developmental disabilities
    • Behavior treatments for individuals with verbally aggressive, physically aggressive and defiant behavior
    • Behavior treatment programs developed based on a client’s individual needs
    • Measuring, tracking and analyzing data to ensure reliable treatment outcomes
    • Replacement behavior strategies
    • Parent training
    • Development and implementation of Behavior Support Plans and Crisis Prevention Plans
    • Functional behavior assessments and Functional Analysis
    • Conducting Functional Behavior Assessments
    • Implementation of reinforcement based and punishment free behavior models
    • Behavior reporting and presentation of services for IEPs and COSs

Elite would like the opportunity to work with you. Contact us today.